Külalisloeng "Digital Humanities for Social sciences and Humanities"

03.12.2019 16:15 to 17:45

Jakobi 2 – 422 (soome-ugri raamatukogu)

Dr Sree Ganesh Thotempudi Heidelbergi ülikoolist tutvustab digihumanitaaria rakendusi:

"There are many ways to model relationships between texts and objects. Creating
Statements with RDF triples is one of them. In the presentation I would like to
show how we establish the relation between text and objects in our project
‘Semantic Blumenbach’, we have endeavoured to discover and render visible the
innate connections of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach’s (1752–1840) writings on
natural history with the physical objects studied and collected by him. After a
careful evaluation of existing frameworks for describing objects and texts, we
decided to test the Scientific Communication Infrastructure (WissKI) for this

During the project, new modules have developed, and a workflow to connect
extracted knowledge from Blumenbach’s texts with metadata of objects has
established. The data modelling, the ingest workflow, and project evaluation in
the context of the on-going discussion about Linking TEI and CIDOC Conceptual
Reference Model will be discussed in this project.

Not only this topic, I also would like to show few practical demos on how to
analyse metrical poetry with machines and Our Neural network based OCR

I am also open for collaborations volienterly. If anyone want to discuss DH related
work, please feel free to contact me at thotempudi@uni-heidelberg.de or what’s
app: 004917630163660"