Course "Macroscopic Methods for Culture Analytics" by Timothy Tangherlini

03.09.2019 (All day) - 13.09.2019 (All day)

Lossi 3-406


HVEE.04.016 Macroscopic Methods for Culture Analytics (1 ECTS) (in English)


TangherliniThis short intensive course is taught by professor Timothy R. Tangherlini from UCLA who is a world-renowned researcher of folklore, literature and culture, who is currently focusing on application of computational methods in humanities. His main theoretical areas of interest are folk narrative, legend, popular culture, and critical geography. As a leading expert in the field of digital computational humanities, he has been invited to speak at many international conferences on cultural research and digital humanities. The Nordic region along with the Baltics is one of his main geographic areas of interest. He has long-standing research contacts with the department of cultural studies of the University of Tartu. 

The course focuses on developing an understanding of all the steps related to creating macroscopic views onto rich, heterogeneous cultural data. The course is aimed at MA and PhD students and university staff of all disciplines of humanities. The course will provide practical skills for dealing with folkloric materials, literary corpora and social media corpora. This includes data acquisition and cleaning, network analysis, topic modelling and forming interdisciplinary research questions among others.

The course is taking place 03.09.–13.09.2019 in Lossi 3-406 computer lab.

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Tue, Sept 3, 16-18  -- Medium Small Data and the Challenge of the Digital Humanities

Wed, Sept 4, 14-16 --  A pipeline approach to the Digital Humanities 

Wed, Sept 4, 16-18 -- Macroscopic Approaches to Culture Analytics: Lessons from Computational Folkloristics

Thu, Sept 5, 14-16 -- From Print to Machine Actionable Data: Adventures in Scanning, OCR and Data Cleanup

Mon, Sept. 9, 16-18 -- People, Places, Stories: Data Structures and Intellectual Structures

Tue, Sept 10, 16-18 -- Labeled, Unlabeled and Patterns at Scale: Machine Learning and the Humanities

Wed, Sept 11, 16-18 -- Mapping Folklore: Historical GIS and the New Historic-Geographic Method

Thu, Sept 12, 16-18 -- Facebook for Vikings: Social Network Analysis in the Humanities

Fri, Sept 13, 14-16 -- Future Directions: AI, Deep Learning and Culture Analytics



This course is supported by the European Regional Development Fund (University of Tartu ASTRA Project PER ASPERA).