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Digital humanities combine humanities knowledge with digital skills. A digital humanities specialist can work in a world rich in information and data, where it is also necessary to program, process data, plan or compile databases, and better understand everything. We offer a minor in digital humanities for bachelor students and an elective module for MA and PhD students, where BA students are also welcome. You can find a minor in SIS under the bachelor's curriculum of Estonian and Finno-Ugric linguistics and the elective module under the Estonian and Finno-Ugric linguistics master's studies.

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Interested in additional resources? This page contains articles, tools, and links to organisations related to digital humanities in Estonia.

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ReproducibiliTea journal club

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Speakers from each field are invited to give engaging presentations in Estonian or English, outlining the importance and results of their research.
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On 29 May, the Estonian Human Rights Centre presented the "Respecting differences" label to the University of Tartu for the second time at the joint building of ministries in Tallinn.
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The University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn University, the Estonian University of Life Sciences, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre, the Estonian Academy of Arts, and the Gender Equality and Equal Treatment Commissioner celebrate the Diversity Week from 6 to 12 May, under the title “Diverse Estonian universities”.
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4.–5. oktoobrini 2024 toimub Leedus Vilniuse Ülikoolis rahvusvaheline üliõpilaskonverents „Bridges in the Baltics“, kuhu on oodatud kõikide Balti riikide, sealhulgas Tartu Ülikooli bakalaureuse- ja magistriõppe üliõpilased ning doktorandid.