In 2018, the Centre for Digital Humanities and the Information Society (in Estonian digihumanitaaria ja infoühiskonna keskus – DHIK) was established to give a wider profile to digital humanities at the University of Tartu and to promote interdisciplinary cooperation. The Center is run by Jane Klavan from the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures and includes representatives from all institutes of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Institute of Computer Science and the UT Library. In order to expand digital humanities study possibilities, the Center has developed a digital field and an optional module with the help of the Information Technology Foundation for Education (HITSA). Teachers and students will be provided with ICT training, teaching materials will be created and published, summer schools and conferences will be organized, and research and opportunities related to digital humanities will be introduced. Through DHIK, foreign lecturers have also participated in the study, mainly through the ASTRA support measure.