The head of the centre is Associate Professor of English Language Jane Klavan.

The centre includes representatives from all institutes of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, the Institute of Computer Science and the UT Library.

  • Andra Siibak, head of the council, Institute of Social Studies
  • Aigi Rahi-Tamm, Institute of History and Archaeology
  • Alexandra Milyakina, Institute of Philosophy and Semiotics
  • Liina Lindström, Institute of Estonian and General Linguistics
  • Liina Lukas, Institute of Cultural Research and Fine Arts
  • Anu Põldsam, School of Theology and Religious Studies
  • Kadri Steinbach, Viljandi Culture Academy
  • Kadri Muischnek, Institute of Computer Science
  • Lilian Neerut, University of Tartu Library