Elective module courses

HVAJ.02.003Databases of History (3 ECTS)
HVEE.00.016Data Science and Digital Humanities (6 ECTS)
FLAJ.02.137Digital Archives and Records Management (3 ECTS)
HVEE.04.004Processing Estonian Language in Python (6 ECTS)
HVHV.00.001Applying GIS in the Humanities (3 ECTS)
HVEE.04.007Analysing Text Corpora (3 ECTS)
HVEE.04.008Digital Data in the Humanities (3 ECTS) (in English)
FLFL.00.009Basics of Quantitative Data Analysis for the Humanities with R (3 ECTS)
HVHV.00.007From Paper to Computer (3 ECTS)
MTAT.03.236Introduction to Programming (3 ECTS) (in English)
MTAT.03.256 Introduction to Programming II (3 ECTS) (in English)
HVHV.00.002Introduction to Digital Humanities (3 ECTS) (in English)
HVEE.04.006Introduction to R and Data Structures (3 ECTS)

"Methods of extracting keywords and topics from text collections" (Maciej Eder)

The workshop will offer an introduction to information extraction methods from collections of written texts.

DIGIHUM Talk: Andra Siibak

"From artificial intelligence to artificial stupidity. Mapping the dominant enthusiasms and concerns related to the use of AI technologies in education"
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ReproducibiliTea journal club