2024/25 autumn semester digital humanities courses in English

Algorithms and programs. Representations of algorithms, flow-charts. Branching algorithms. Loops. Sub-algorithms. Developing algorithms for given text-based problems. Program structure. Names. Variables. Operations. Expressions. Boolean expressions, comparisons. Conditional statements. Loop statements. Lists. Functions. User input. Reading from a file. Writing to a file. Simple user interface.

Reelika Suviste, Svetlana Golovko, Merilin Säde, Mark Muhhin, Priit Paluoja, Kristiina Keps.

An introductory course to digital product creation with the main focus on linguistic and visual design. The visual design introduces graphic design and main principles in composition; linguistic design introduces the types of microcopy and its functions, how to write microcopy, and what should be known before starting writing. The first lectures of the course introduce the main principles of linguistic and visual design, information architecture, branding basics and user research principles. In the second part of the course, this knowledge will be put into practice by creating and testing a prototype.

"Methods of extracting keywords and topics from text collections" (Maciej Eder)

The workshop will offer an introduction to information extraction methods from collections of written texts.

DIGIHUM Talk: Andra Siibak

"From artificial intelligence to artificial stupidity. Mapping the dominant enthusiasms and concerns related to the use of AI technologies in education"
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