Minor in Digital Humanities

Minor specialisation in digital humanities is intended for all Bachelor's level students in the Faculty of Humanities and Arts, who wish develop their practical IT skills and use them for dealing with research questions and data in the humanities. Additionally the minor provides extra competence for working in the modern information laden and datafied world, where understanding of and skills in programming, data analysis and working with databases are more and more valued and required. Digital humanities is not so much a separate discipline, but rather offers opportunities to develop technical skills and to apply them in your own discipline.

The minor can be found in the Study Information System under Estonian and Finno-Ugric Linguistics Bachelor's curricula

The minor consist of a narrow field module in computer science, specialisation module in digital humanities and an elective module. Narrow field module in computer science offers skills and knowledge in information technology on an introductory level. Digital humanities specialisation module is more focused on humanities and offers skills and knowledge for applying information technology to humanities data. 

Courses in the minor are offered only in Estonian.

"Methods of extracting keywords and topics from text collections" (Maciej Eder)

The workshop will offer an introduction to information extraction methods from collections of written texts.

DIGIHUM Talk: Andra Siibak

"From artificial intelligence to artificial stupidity. Mapping the dominant enthusiasms and concerns related to the use of AI technologies in education"
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